Friday, January 29, 2016

Charlie's Ramblings: Another chapter closed.

Today has been... full on. 

Towards the end of last year the bombshell was dropped that our Office Manager was retiring... in six weeks.  It was coming, we all knew it.  But when that day finally arrived I was shell shocked.  The person I ran to whenever I stuffed up, or didn't know something, or needed hair advice, I would ask her.  And always, without a blink of an eye, she'd tell me what I needed to hear, or give me advice on fixing something, or smoothing something out, or .. even picking the next shade of colour.  She was my go to person.  Someone I had looked up to since I first started in my job, almost 14 years ago. And she was leaving.

I had mixed feelings of this, most along the same line of "You can't leave.  The office will fall apart!"  Not that I had voiced these things, but yes, I'm sure we were all thinking them.  Call it what you like, we needed her.

Christmas time came, and after many times asking the question, "You sure you're going?" I came to terms with it.  I had stepped up in my job along with another office lady, so the work was split between us and it didn't feel so overwhelming.  We knew that she was going to be around for maybe a week or two into the New Year, due to the Christmas holidays rushing up on us.  So, though she was retiring, she wasn't really leaving just yet.

Marissa Mayer. "The Whole is the Sum of the Parts" plus "Energy Cannot be Created nor Destroyed it can only Change Form" equal "Big Tmes Ahead for Yahoo"! #crowdwerke: We had our holidays and I didn't think any more on it.  Holidays, as usual, went by too quick and before you knew it, it was time to head back to work.  I would have loved another week, but it is what it is.

I was dreading the first week back.  I was clashing with another person in the office by that point, with all the stress flying around, so it was understandable everyone was getting a bit short.  First day back, and we are all called into the meeting. Though this time it included our head honcho, the big cheese, our boss.  I'll admit, there were rumours in the office, and try as I might, curiosity was getting the better of me.

"I've decided to sell the business."  He said.  I'm sure in my head there were crickets.  And then, the song, that also played in my head when our office manager announced her retirement.  "It's the end of the world as we know it."  I kid you not.  Theme song of the moment for me apparently.

I could tell it was not a decision that was made lightly.  We were assured that our jobs were safe and that the rug wasn't going to be pulled from under us.  And best of all, he was sticking around for another three years.  But wow.  Two Bombshells in a matter of weeks.  And heck, I just dyed my hair purple.  What will the new owners think?!!
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Suffice to say, those last few weeks have been a blur of mad cramming of knowledge down our throats, scanning bucketloads of paperwork, and a healthy load of overtime, stress and closet tears. 

This afternoon when I walked out the door, though I didn't show my tears, it was the end of a chapter.  We were leaving the company we had known for years.  Only to walk back into, well god knows what, and without our life support.  I can only imagine the relief our office manager feels now that the stress is over.  And our boss, who will be taking a new step into unknown territory, but I'm sure that we will all be okay.  I hope that we will all be okay.  Because in the end, we just have to be!.

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