Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Stuck

8th November 2014:
The official day that I have come to a standstill with my 2014 Nano Project!

I've been writing everyday.  I've hit the daily goal a few times but have made sure I've been writing everyday.  So whats the problem right?  
I'll tell you.

I hate to admit it, but winging the story or "Panthering/Pantsing"  has left me completely stuck on where to go next.  I'm to the point where I wonder, should I start something new.  I'd added another POV into the story last night to get me to goal but I can't keep adding Character POV's to hit the goals.  Could you imagine what that book would be like?

So how is everyone else's journey going?

Just thought I'd throw my issue out there.  Maybe that will help me become unstuck.  Maybe I will get some ideas between this post and tonights goal reaching expedition.  And who knows?  I may hit the 50,000 mark.
But if I don't.. would it be so wrong to start again eight days in?
I'm not sure.  But that is still an option.

Good luck everyone