Sunday, April 13, 2014

Charlie's Ramblings: New Tattoo

I've been missing in action for a while.  I have been writing, but I feel it's not that flash that I actually want to share.  I guess I've been off a bit since my hand operation so I'm a little rusty.

On another note, now that I am writing, I do want to go get a writing related tattoo.  Sounds fun right?  Well it's a little trickier trying to work out EXACTLY what I want.

At first I wanted writing on me, but I think I've opted against this as over time it can warp and turn into a blob making it unreadable.

I did want to get this: (words have the power to change us)

It would take alot of space up, unfortunately.  So here I am with the dilemma of going with that, or thinking of a picture I can describe to mean the same thing.  Or change it up completely.

My other idea was going with a feather quill, with watercolours and possibly letters flying away from the feather. Something small like the picture below.
From Pinterest

So many ideas.. just not sure what to go with.  Feel free to comment.