Friday, March 14, 2014

Story Is A State Of Mind: My Journey

I signed up for Sarah Selecky's ecourse "Story is A State Of Mind" to get me back into writing which has been on the back burner for a VERY LONG time!  
I hope to get up the courage to post up my assignments as I go along and complete them.  And hopefully get some feedback from you if you like/dislike it.  

I admit it's a bit of a scary jump but I'm willing to take the leap!!

For now I'm working on Lesson 1.  I'm taking my time as there are two courses that I am doing. This one, and Cert 4 in Accounting.  Obviously my accounting course takes priority as this is work related. But I have time to do this course along with the other one.  

I'm excited.  I've heard some very good things about Story is a State of Mind and can't wait to start absorbing in the writing!

Stay Tuned

Charlie :)