Saturday, July 20, 2013

Things neglected and time flying by

These last few weeks have flown by so quickly that I feel bad I haven't posted on here.

I managed to get a measly 5900 words done for Camp Nanowrimo before I hit a nasty big wall.  My story sucked.  What I imagined and what I wrote we're two totally different things than I'd hoped.  The story dragged and .. Well.. Sucked. So I gave up. Inspiration fizzled.  I guess what did it was the POV I told it in. Because it didn't feel like it flowed for me.

I've neglected my camera big time since I've finished my course and I'm disappointed in myself for doing so.

On the plus side, I've read and watched more books and movies than I had a few months ago and to be totally honest, a, in love with the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.  Unfortunately I also have a feeling that this series is coming to an end. I sure hope not though..

My new iPad mini is definitely getting a bit of use .. And I figured I would test out my new blogger app to see how we'll it works

That's all from me for now.