Sunday, May 5, 2013

Once Upon A Time 2 Ideas

Hi All,

Thanks to Susan ( for contacting me via Twitter this morning.  It has pushed me to get my butt back into gear for the next Once Upon a time Competition challenge.  I hope you all enjoyed the last Once Upon a Time because I did.

I won't be putting up the details just yet on Once Upon a time 2 but keep an eye out on this blog around the 1st of June because that's when I'll be posting up the details.  So far this will run over the next six months.  I found that last time with it running every few weeks alot of people decided not to enter as with a busy life it didn't allow them time to really put their best work forward.

Just like last time I will be giving away the end book to the 1st prize winners as well as giving everyone who has had their story put into the book, the opportunity to purchase this book so they too can have a copy.  Like last time it will be the cost of making the book plus shipping that you will be paying for (No profit will be made off this book.  That's the number one rule of this competition)

Towards halfway through the competition I'll be holding the Book Cover Contest where you will be given the chance to have the front and back of your Covers displayed on the final product and you will also be given a copy of the book once it has been published.  This contest will run for the remaining three months of Once Upon a Time to give you enough opportunity to design an awesome cover.

Last time I had other bloggers help me choose a winner.  This year things will be a little different.  As I was having trouble getting responses from some of the bloggers in time to announce the winner, I'll be leaving it up to you readers to pick the story.  And the one with the most votes wins.  So please spread the word of this competition.

If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding Once Upon A Time, please either comment below or shoot me a line at . I'll be taking suggestions up until the end of this month (May) so please send me a line.

Oh yes, and this year Once Upon a Time will be held on My Alter Ego Charlie, not Spellbound By Books.

Thanks everyone, I look forward to your stories!

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  1. You're welcome. I was thinking about it the other day. Ill have a think and get in touch x


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