Sunday, April 28, 2013

Charlie's Ramblings (50) What I've been doing

So my attempts at cooking are slowly getting better. I've attempted a number of things including potato bake (Which when previously attempted found out the potato was still raw lol) and rissoles which the first ones fell apart.  But like I said.. I'm doing better.

I'm on my last assignment on my photography course.  I've been doing quite well surprisingly and with the last one involving six of my best photos for my portfolio I've been really focused on organizing some photoshoots so I can test out the skills that I've learned and hopefully produce some really good photos.  It's all a learning process.

I don't know about anyone else but I've found I may have an addiction to tv shows!  Arrow, The Beauty and the Beast, Hannibal, Elementary, Grimm, The Following.  See.. this is where alot of my time is going lately.

I've also watched a few movies in the last couple of days.  The Host - I think I cried a lot in that movie, The Guilt Trip - a mix of happy and sad, The Company You Keep.  

Sometimes I wish there were more hours within a day!

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