Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Writing: A letter to you.

A letter to explain.

Dear You,

I don't know what you think or feel but I've got to be honest.  I'm in two minds about all of this.  For one I'm  glad that you are moving on to new things and that you are getting things sorted out for yourself but I'm not happy that things are being left the way it is.

I did the things I did because you pushed me to.  Yes you.  If you weren't so busy keeping yourself happy, you would have seen everything that was sitting in front of you the whole time.  But I guess I am to the point that I've come to terms with you leaving. Me.  Because in a sense you are.  I'm not getting all DnM with you because I know things can't just be black and white and so to the point but I'm saying this now so that I can move on from this.

I really did care.  And I do think she's lovely.  So I hope you are happy.  You probably won't ever see me but if you do I will be different.  You can keep your bet because sweetheart it was never about the cost. It was about the moral of having to pay up then anything else.  And you never kept your end even after it all.

You seemed to have wiped me and that kinda hurts but at the same time it's okay because it's about time I moved on without breaking into pieces.

So I wish you luck, and hope you will understand my motives.

Love me.

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