Friday, September 7, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (48) Brisbane Writer's Festival 2012

I feel like I've neglected this blog somewhat!  I hate leaving it here without posts but time seems to be so limited lately that other things have had to take precedence.

Went to the Brisbane Writer's Festival today, and had a blast.  It's always so good to be surrounded by so many like minded people and WRITERS!  I did a fair bit of writing waiting for the events that I paid for too.

Above is the view of Brisbane from the State Library.  It looks awesome but at the same time the water is so dirty and brown that it kind of looks yuck.  Hate to say it.

I learnt alot from listening to both Joanne Harris and M.K. Hume.  It's awesome hearing how their characters come to them and it's alot like how my characters appear as well.  Actually there were so many similarities to the way I create things that's scary but also mainly awesome.

The photo above is of one of the birds attacking the little garden thingies. 

I have to admit they looked pretty cool.

All in all an awesome day and my zombie story is underway.  So hopefully I will be able to share some of it with you.

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