Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Dose Monday (47)

Daily Dose Monday was created and hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly!

Daily Dose Monday is a weekly meme where you get to share inspiring and awesome images with others!  If you'd like to join in all you have to do is make a post on Monday and include images that you find inspiring and magical etc. that you would like to share with your readers. (oh don't forget to mention Good Golly Miss Holly )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Possible Violet Continued. Close encounters

Here is the next part to Possibly Violet.  Again, this hasn't been edited very much so there may be mistakes throughout but hopefully it's not too bad.


After the movie, I’m up out of my seat and to the door before anyone else. Something’s not right. The moment I exit the cinemas and past Time Zone I’m hit with the most intoxicating smell and taste of strawberries that I’m gagging for fresh air. I know something is about to happen. I know I’ve got to get out of the shopping centre. Out of all the things I’ve written down I’m not sure what will happen but I can feel it in the air. It’s bad.
I run outside towards Mum’s commodore and stop in my tracks. The rain is pelting down, and some of the streetlights in the direction I’m going in have blown giving the road and eerie yet familiar feel to it. A serious sense of déjà vu washes over me but I can’t seem to get my bearings. While I’m standing still stuck in thought, someone shoves past me and jogs over the road and stops when he drops his wallet, coins spilling everywhere. For a split second time seems to stop and everything clicks into place.
The headlights appear but the guy is oblivious and I wave to get his attention and yell and scream but he doesn’t hear me.. I’ve almost reached him when I realise he has got his ear phones in. The car is almost upon us as I grab his arm, not worrying whether our skin touches and tug him to the side just as the car past where we were just standing. I want to cry out in relief but I can’t because we are both pinned in the middle of the road by another set of two headlights that are coming at us way too fast from the other direction. He’s not moving, and I’m frozen to the spot.
I close my eyes a few seconds before impact and take the brunt of it on the side. The wind is knocked out of me but I’m surprised at how little it hurts. I’m scared to open my eyes, to find my legs aren’t where they were a minute ago or that my blood is everywhere because I’m unbelievably warm. And pinned to the ground. I can hear short sharp breaths and I wonder whether it’s coming from my oxygen deprived lungs or I’m already dead and floating above my body.
But when I open my eyes I find I can’t see. I can’t see past the thick black jacket that seems to block out all my vision, or the shaggy black mop of hair covering a perfect angular face, and for a moment I’d died and gone to heaven when I meet his eyes. He breathes my name and my arms break out in goosebumps. I blink once or twice before the sounds come back in to focus. There’s screaming and crying, the smell of burnt rubber, sirens, light flashing and blood. Lots of it. I try to look past Blaise but he moves in my direction.
“Don’t Violet. It’s bad.” And just like that the wind is knocked out of my sails and a single tear slides down my cheek. I’ve lost him. I know he’s not going to make it, and he’s okay with that. In fact I know right now he’s thankful that the car hit him instead of me which is how it was supposed to happen. But I couldn’t know these things on my own. I knew it the moment I touched him. Thoughts, images, visions of the very near future came flooding in instantly, taking over any logic I had. I begin to wonder if it wasn’t my fault? If I didn’t cause it all to begin with. Maybe if I hadn’t tried to help things might have ended differently. Blaise helps me up off the ground and brushes me off. I try to look at the back of me to get the dust off my jeans and a sharp pain shoots up the centre of my back.
“I’ll drive you home if you like. I had a mate drop me in tonight so I could probably use a lift home too.” I know that last part was probably said so I couldn’t back out of giving him a lift so I just sigh and nod.
The ride home is silent and though the tightening in my chest isn’t so bad, I can’t wait to get home and write in #652 so I can at least talk again. I’m sure Blaise thinks I’m in shock and maybe I am, I just know I’ll feel better with all four walls around me and no one around while I offload what seems like a lifetime of visions into the notebook. Even though it’s only one nights worth.
Blaise parks the car up quietly out the front of my house. I’m aware it’s getting late but at least Mum and Dad trust me enough not to wait up for me. They know if there was a problem I’d always get in contact with them. Thankfully It’s never had to happen.
There are so many things I want to say to Blaise. I want to ask him about his eyes and how he’d gotten to me so fast when that car was coming and why he’d grabbed me instead of the guy I was trying to help. Yet, once again my little curse renders me speechless and while he waits for me to say thanks I am standing there awkwardly, wishing I’d brought my notebook so I could at least write a thank you. He slides his hands in his pockets and leans up against the car.
“Why do I get the feeling you’re not telling me something.” I almost laugh at the words that leave his mouth. If only he knew. I’m tempted to blurt out everything but I wonder whether that feeling to confess isn’t tied in to the fact that I can’t talk about it. Even if I wanted to share why I can’t speak and freak out near anyone else, the curse won’t let me. I’ve never worked out why, it’s just another annoying thing about it.
I search in my bag for a scrap of paper and a pen and begin writing. I hand him the piece of paper and wait for his response.
“It’s complicated?” He reads out loud. I can see the confusion in his eyes and as much as I want to elaborate and give out more, the idea of actually following through with blurting everything out scares me. I’ve never shared this secret with anyone, other than Ellie.
“You can trust me Violet. What’s complicated?” He eyes me curiously and I’ve probably just made things worse. I point to the note and shrug. I can’t help but feel turned upside down. Just yesterday things were normal, well normal enough. Now Blaise comes on the scene and things go haywire.. I write another note telling him to wait while I run upstairs and quickly offload everything into my notebook. It takes a good ten minutes before I sneak back downstairs, notebook in hand, palms sweating as I unlock the back door and creep up the side of the house to let him in through the gate. I pull out two chairs and put them round the table and sit down. It’s 10pm and I don’t know whether I’ve actually found the courage to tell him or we are just sitting here and having a nice chat but I bring down notebook #652 just in case.
“I can’t stay long. I’ve got people waiting up for me. Not that I don’t want to stay for a while. They are just a little protective of me, if you know what I mean.” It’s odd to hear him rambling a little as if I’m making him nervous, but I’m glad he clarifies why he can’t stay. I take a deep breath.
“I don’t even know what to say. I know you must think I’m a freak, who knows maybe I am. But ever since you have been showing up, things are beginning to get weird. I don’t want to say that it’s your fault or anything but I kind of get the feeling you are partly to do with it. Does that make sense?” I watch as he stares at me than past me, before swivelling his head around and looking to the back of the yard. I can’t help but think he may be avoiding answering me.
“Why are you talking to me now? I’ve gone to Bellington High School for three years and so have you, so I can’t help but wonder why I get the time of day with you now?” I know I’m coming across as slightly bitchy but the fact that he seems to be paying more attention to the garden down the back than what I have to say is really getting on my nerves.
I push my chair back and that draws his attention to me instantly. I don’t even think about what I’m doing until I’m halfway down the back yard and he follows me down the back asking me what I’m doing. I stop at the garden he’d been staring at the whole time..
“Well, I figure if I stand down here with you I might be able to keep your attention because it seemed like you didn’t hear a word of what I’d said.” Blaise stands there watching me intensely, his jaw clenching shut like he’s fighting the urge to say something he shouldn’t.
“It’s… complicated.” The moment it’s out of his mouth I know I won’t tell him anything. I cross my arms over my chest now wishing I’d put my jacket on before storming down here to make a point. I run my hands up and down my arms to warm them up. I turn away to head up and he reaches out for me.
“Don’t touch me. I mean it. I don’t want to know anything more about you than what you tell me.” I turn and it’s only when I’m halfway up the yard when I realised my slip up. I don’t wait up for him, instead I head up the side of the house, slip through the gate and wait by the car. Hopefully he gets the hint.
“Violet, VIOLET?” Blaise calls out quietly but urgently and I’m on alert straight away. I make my way back to where I thought he was standing and can’t see him anywhere.
“Blaise where are you?” The shake of bushes to my right is enough to both spook me and hopefully answer my question. I strain to listen for Blaise but I can’t hear a thing. I panic. I search through the gardens lining the back fence, careful not to disturb any wildlife that could have snuck through from the bush. I come up with nothing. My chest is tightening with that awful panicked feeling, when Blaise breaks through the garden to my left and run full pelt my way.
“Get to the lights quick!” Blaise yells and I spin on my heel and run as fast as I can. I can now feel something behind me. I’m far enough that they won’t touch but definitely way too close for comfort and I’m picking up my pace to make it towards the patio light. Blaise stands with his back against the wall of the house, his chest heaving from exertion. I land next to him and it’s only then that I can smell the blood. I look to him and am horrified to see three deep claw marks on the top of his left arm. I don’t get a chance to ask him though. The growl that comes from where we just were echoes and vibrates through the air and I swear I can feel the energy creeping up my skin and goose bumps break out. That awful predatory sound I’m sure I’ve heard before, a long time ago.
My eyes adjust quickly to the bright light but I’m still having trouble seeing where the growl comes from. My heart’s pounding in my chest and at any moment it may stop from beating so hard.
All of a sudden the night takes on a more sinister look. I never used to fear the dark but standing here now, I can’t help but think how easy it would be to disappear without a trace. Another growl pierces the air and I jump and huddle closer to Blaise. I can feel myself vibrating slightly. I wish I could say I’m not scared but to be quite honest, I’m freaking petrified. Blaise stands still with his hand covering the claw marks to stop the bleeding. He’s taken off guard just as much as I am by the suddenness of the attack. But I can’t help but think he wasn’t surprised. Every so often I catch the glimpse of a thought bubble appearing above his head only to watch it disappear as quickly as it begun. I’m definitely in no position to question these new abilities but I wish I knew why it’s all happening now.
Blaise pulls his phone out of his pocket and quickly dials a number. All I can hear is the voice on the other end say ‘I told you so’ before they disconnect.
“Can’t we just scare it off or something? It could be a neighbour’s dog.” I say hoping he will say yes, but the quick shake of his head tells me otherwise. I don’t say anything else. My back hurts from pushing back against the house hard and I ease off a bit.
The side gate swings open shortly after and I see the blur of clothes fly past in the dark, followed by another two. I suck in a breath and Blaise turns his head to where I’m looking. He leans down.
“Helps arrived.” His eyes follow something in the dark but I can’t see what it is. A bright light flashes suddenly and branches snap breaking the silence. Another loud growl echoes in the night and then nothing. I realise I’ve closed my eyes when Blaise brushes his hand against mine and gives it a small squeeze before letting go. His gloves are all soft and fuzzy. Like it has had one too many washes. He disappears out from under the light without a word and I’m left alone. My skin prickles from the cool night air where Blaise was leaning against me just a moment before.
I never get a chance to meet the so called ‘help’ that arrives because both them and Blaise disappear without another word and I’m left to fumble my way inside. There’s a note waiting for me on the kitchen bench.

Hope you had a good time at the movies. Your sister is staying at a friend’s place tonight and we decided to pull an early one. Will see you in the morning.
Mum & Dad
P.S Just leave the keys in the fruit bowl. Thanks sweetheart.

I leave the note where I found it, chuck the keys in the bowl and sneak up the stairs, hopping over the squeaky step in the middle. My light is still on from earlier so I shut the door quietly and when I turn around I suck in a deep breath.
“What the hell?”
A small box sits on my bed with a green bow wrapped around it. My favourite colour. The curtains are gently blowing inwards, so I gather that’s how whoever it was that left this could get in and out. My hearts playing out the fastest tune the little organ can do without breaking or jumping through my chest. My back is to the wall and I stop and think. Why am I panicked by this box on the bed? But as soon as I think that I know it’s not the only thing I’m nervous about. I have this awful feeling the person who left the box may still be here. There’s nothing moved. Nothing taken as far as I can tell. But the atmosphere in my room seems, for lack of a better word ‘disturbed’.
I make sure any nook and cranny that could possibly harbour anyone is clear before I step any closer to the box. The feeling of someone being in my room has already begun to fade and I wonder how reliable my senses are at picking up this stuff. Maybe tonight with the scare has really thrown me off. I don’t know.
I lift the lid of the box, careful not to knock it or move it just in case something might happen. Peeling the tissue back, I discover the most gorgeous pendant I’ve ever seen. A small emerald gemstone hung in the middle, no bigger than my pinky nail. A few charms dangled either side and it sits on a long thin silver chain. I hadn’t the foggiest who it is from but it is beautiful and I can’t help myself. I slip the chain over my neck and when it’s in place the stone actually feels warm. It glows slightly and I can’t help but think how much it reminds me of Blaise.
I throw some pj’s on, flick the light off and jump into bed. I don’t even take the necklace off. It just belongs against my skin. My last thoughts before I drift off to sleep are of Blaise.

(c) Melissa Freeman 2012

That's it for now. Hope that whoever is reading this is enjoying it!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Songs I'm Lovin (7) Any Man Of Mine

Songs I'm Lovin' is a new little feature that I'll be bringing up from time to time that will include the film clip and the lyrics of a song I'm lovin' right now. Sometimes I'll even point out my favourite part of the lyrics that caught my attention!  Feel free to join in!

This is something that I needed to hear!

Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain

This is what a woman wants...
Any man of mine better be proud of me
Even when I'm ugly he still better love me
And I can be late for a date that's fine
But he better be on time

Any man of mine'll say it fits just right
When last year's dress is just a little too tight
And anything I do or say better be okay
When I have a bad hair day

And if I change my mind
A million times
I wanna hear him say
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I like it that way

Any man of mine better walk the line
Better show me a teasin' squeezin' pleasin' kinda time
I need a man who knows, how the story goes
He's gotta be a heartbeatin' fine treatin'
Breathtakin' earthquakin' kind
Any man of mine

Well any man of mine better disagree
When I say another woman's lookin' better than me
And when I cook him dinner and I burn it black
He better say, mmmm, I like it like that yeah

And if I changed my mind
A million times
I wanna hear him say
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I like it that way

Any man of mine better walk the line
Better show me a teasin' squeezin' pleasin' kinda time
I need a man who knows, how the story goes
He's gotta be a heartbeatin' fine treatin'
Breathtakin' earthquakin' kind
Any man of mine

Let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I like it that way

Any man of mine better walk the line
Better show me a teasin' squeezin' pleasin' kinda time
I need a man who knows, how the story goes
He's gotta be a heartbeatin' fine treatin'
Breathtakin' earthquakin' kind
Any man of mine

You gotta shimmy shake
Make the earth quake
Kick, turn, stomp, stomp, then you jump
Heel to toe, Do Si Do
'Til your boots wanna break
"Til your feet and your back ache
Keep it movin' 'til you just can't take anymore
Come on everybody on the floor
A-one two, a-three four
Hup two, hum
If you wanna be a man of mine, that's right
This is what a woman wants...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Dose Monday (46)

Daily Dose Monday was created and hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly!

Daily Dose Monday is a weekly meme where you get to share inspiring and awesome images with others!  If you'd like to join in all you have to do is make a post on Monday and include images that you find inspiring and magical etc. that you would like to share with your readers. (oh don't forget to mention Good Golly Miss Holly )

All images are from We Heart It

Hope you all enjoy!