Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (43) Easter Weekend

Hello all.  I missed the Daily Dose Monday yesterday as we will still out camping at Fernvale.  

We were packed and ready to go on Saturday afternoon but due to many delays we didn't end up pulling into the main camp until just before 7pm that night.  It was full on to say the least.  From the distance all we could see were little glowing orbs of light until we got closer and the main area opened up to dozens of tents.  We weren't  part of that group so after saying a quick hello we headed further out on the farm.  Our friend was driving a Pulsar and I'm amazed it made it through the track towing a trailer since our Patriot struggled a bit in some parts.  

We had no idea what we were pulling up to.  Set up camp using the headlights of the car and worked out that one of the things we forgot to bring was the air mattress pump so we had to blow that up by hand.  Not so good when you have had one or two Rum cans.  It becomes dizzy work.  Cruzito didn't get to sleep until 10:30pm and after Belly had a story read to her, us grownups had some chillout time.

The next morning was a surprise to say the least.  I have to admit we picked the best camping spot out!

The Easter Bunny had made an appearance too and Cruzito ate through three quarters of his bunny before breakfast! We spent the rest of the day which resulted in the picture below!

It didn't last long since I tried to move him and he woke up and got extremely grumpy.  We had marsh mellows roasted on the fire which were yummy then popped the kids to bed once again.

Monday wasn't so eventful though as our quad bike was broken so the kids played in the creek for most of the morning.  We packed up and didn't end up getting home til about 5:30 to a very happy cat!

Below are some pictures I took over the weekend!

Yes.  He's a very silly boy!


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