Sunday, April 1, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (42) Dreams, ideas, and Reading/writing Block

So here I am.  I've been using the last few days to surf the net for decent Photography courses because to sum it up.  I think I want to be a Photographer lol.  Sounds silly as I say it, but admittedly I've always wanted to do some kind of Photography course even from back at school but thought I wouldn't have the eye for it and wasn't creative enough.  So, after buying the Olympus pen just last year and taking a few photos I've worked out that maybe I do have an eye for this sort of thing.  So to cut a long story short, I've decided to do a Photography course and see where it leads.  Obviously that is going to lead me to buying a new camera (YAY! for shopping not so exciting for the price) AND if I turn out to be pretty good, I'll be considering starting a business on the side from my actual work.

This sounds pretty awesome BUT.  And yes there is a big one (and it's not my own LOL)  Since I've taken up this new hobby my writing and more importantly my Reading (And Review books) have been neglected.  I feel horrible for this but can't seem to get myself back into it. So I've decided to leave the reading and writing for a week or two occasionally picking up a book and see how I go.  It's not for the lack of books or reading material I have UMPTEEN amounts, it's just now that my head is in the photography scene I am completely absorbed.  Don't worry.  Spellbound By Books will still be functioning as I have a few cool things coming up, but it looks like Once Upon A Time will be pushed further down the line even more.  Money is at an all time low so it seems it may take longer for me to organize this.  I'm sorry to everyone who's been waiting.  I am trying my best.

So now I'll share with you some of my latest pictures

And as usual I like to get ahead of myself in everything that I do and get to the fun stuff.  What would I call my photography company if it were ever to exist?  There are so many names... and so many cool ones already taken.  How do you pick?  Feel free to throw some ideas my way ;)

That's all from me 

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