Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (40) Painting up a storm

So I haven't been doing much writing, but I've bought everything necessary to give painting a good go.  I don't think I've ever tried this at all.  Maybe at school but that was a very long time ago.  So this afternoon my little one and I pulled out the paints and easel and paper and decided to do some creating.

Admittedly I was mostly distracted at the beginning making sure Cruzito painted the paper not the laptop, table and anything else in sight.  Once I was sure he wasn't going to run off and maybe even paint the walls I gave it my best shot to create a masterpiece.
In the end.. I created something... but I've worked out one thing.. I'm not Picasso. lol  So here are some images of my creation.

And ta-da!  Yep all done in my kitchen/dining room LOL.  and my little boy was sitting to the --> of this picture creating his masterpiece ;)


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