Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random Writing: Don't Give Up

The idea for this kind of came to me as I'm finishing up the last lot of my assignments.  The ending seems so close but at the same time so far.  So this is what I ended up with.  Hope you all can feel what I felt as I wrote this.  Enjoy.

Don't Give Up.

Racing, huffing, running.
Trying to reach that finish line.
I can see it in the distance,
I hope I'll make it there in time.

I see you staring at me
Mouth open, a cheer to us all
It eggs me on, it spurs me
Up until the moment I fall

The dirt it bites in and cuts deep
scraping raw, bruised and battered
I know I've lost my moment
Another dream so quickly shattered.

I lose the lead, but not the race
Push my hands down and get up
I can't let one fall beat me
Wipe off tears, and suck it up

You're looking at the others,
As they pass by me so fast.
I speed up, though it hurts me
I can't afford to end up last.

I pass two runners quickly,
Trying to hide the hurt on my face.
They glance at me astonished
Pump their arms, pick up the pace.

The burn it just consumes me,
But it helps me stay more focused
I'm almost at top speed again,
Hopefully the limp is hardly noticed.

I see my family at the sidelines
You've arrived there just in time
I pass the next runner, just one more
But they've reached the finish line

I'm next to cross the fallen ribbon,
Camera's flash my grimace grin
I'm not the first but second,
So it's almost classed a win.

I'm greeted with open arms,
And a kiss long overdue
You grin, then release me
And hand me over to the camera crew.

My aches and pains are winning out now,
I've answered questions, done the lot.
The ride home can't come quick enough.
Followed by a trip to the local Doc.

The end.

Copyright © Melissa Freeman 2012

Hope you all like it.  Well overdue writing for sure.  It's been building up and I'm afraid if I don't start writing again I might start going mad! LOL


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