Sunday, January 29, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (37) Really do I have to?

Howdy all.

It's been another week at the factory as my Dad would say.  It seems like so much is going on but at the same time, it's not all that interesting.  Mum and I had the Glamour Photos done that I had bought for her for Christmas.  I didn't really want to get it done but when I got a second ticket free, Mum talked me into going in the shots with her.  To say I was disappointed with the professionalism was an understatement.  The place they had hired to do this was down an alley and it was raining so it was damp and wet.  And for anyone that doesn't know, this particular Photography company is like a travelling circus, going places and getting bookings etc etc.. but without the enormous tent, and elephants lol.
So that was a let down.  We stepped into the door to be greeted by a heap of people no more than two metres from the door lined up against a curtain separating those who were getting make overs and waiting to see their photos, from the actual photography taking place.  So that was a no no.  
We got our hair and make up done.  The girls were lovely and the makeup was awesome, but I'm telling you they weren't very flash with the hair and I could have done mine myself and it would have looked better.  But in saying that, my hair is hard to tame.  So... she did try.
Then we had the photos and the guy had trouble explaining poses, and we only got to do a few photos with the clothes we had on.  We brought in three sets as the letter asked us to do.  There wasn't even a change area.  What The?
But anyway apart from missing out on the complimentary wine also the photos turned out fairly good.  And did I say how hard it was to pick them? LOL 
At the end of it we paid just under $500 for three copies of photos and a disk including all the shots that were taken.  So I can't complain.  I suppose.
And here is the photo of us after the photoshoot.
I'm on the Left !
I haven't forgotten about Once Upon A Time but since the beginning of this year has been very hectic I've decided to move it to a few months down the track.  I need some more thinking time to get this stuff right without fumbling like last year.  Hope you all understand!


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  1. wow you two look great. Looking forward to hearing more about Once Upon a Time again. xx


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