Sunday, January 1, 2012

Charlie's Ramblings (33) New Years Resolutions and other stuff.

So it's been a little while since I posted on here but with good reason. Christmas and New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone!

I figured now was as good as any to bring up the New Years Resolutions I've made this year.  Most people do them, but not everyone starts on New Years Day.  Which is fair enough!  I know my New Years Resolution for last year (And many years before too) was to stop smoking and it wasn't until part way through last year that I actually quit.  I'll be honest...Every now and then I have the urge to have a draw of a smoke and I do, but then I regret it straight away thank you to Champix since it turned me off smoking indefinitely.  But if you've just read that, my mind still thinks I occasionally need to test out the whole 'I can't stand smoking even though I've got the urge to have one' moment.  So yeah.  I'm not a saint lol.  

So My New Years Resolutions (so Far lol) are as follows:
(And if you're wondering why I'm sharing.  Telling others what your goals are, supposedly helps achieve them)

  1. Lost weight. (Give up smoking, taken up eating.. I justified it at the time lol)
  2. Knock off at least 5 of my To do's on my *Brand New* Bucket List.
  3. Push to get my course for work finished early.
  4. Do something towards my writing whether it be another writing course, rewriting Violet, writing another story and getting the guts up to send it (Which also happens to be #24 on the Bucket List)
So that's the most important ones.  

My Bucket List:
I won't tell you all of them as it is an ongoing list that I'm trying to get to 100 but here are a couple I reckon I can get done this year.
#3 Sleep Under The Stars
#16 Make the trip to Cameron Corner
 - Which is where the three states, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia meet.  Will need a decent 4wd to get there though since there is alot of off road travel apparently.
#18 Write someone a happy ending - inspired by Somewhere Over The Sun by Adi Alsaid.

And, that's just some of the easier ones lol.

Do you have any resolutions or Bucket list entries you wanna share?  Whether they have been ones to do, or completed ones, I'd love to hear it!

Now onto some pics I've taken the past few days.

 Above: Original Photo
Below: Added lighting

That's all I've included for now.  Going to play with Instagram and then add those photos up later.


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