Thursday, December 22, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (32) First Day of Holidays and Photos

So today was the first official day of being on holidays.  Loved It!  I even felt productive.  I finished the first section of an assignment that is due in the beginning of January.  I'm hoping to get this done and out the road before Christmas.. fingers crossed.

Today was also another one of those days where I felt drawn to hit the road with my flashy camera.  I found a great test subject and he even came up to the fence.  I also caught a few good pics of my son too.  It's just a pity I didn't wipe his face first.  But ah... I would never have gotten the good pic otherwise.. and there is always Photoshop :D

On Wednesday for work was present giving.  I spent a long time on Tuesday night working out 4 briefs for one of the ladies at work who is about to start her BIG Photography course.  She's done a few other ones but this is the NUMERO UNO of courses.  So for part of her Christmas gift I decided to help get the Creativity going for her over the holidays.
Brief One was Conquer Your Fear and it was for her to take a picture of a Spider.  This in itself would have been a major accomplishment for her since this is a big phobia of hers.  
Brief Two was the U-Pick Decision where I gave her a list of ideas and let her pick out one and get creative.
Brief Three was Picture That Quote and I gave her a list of five quotes and the task of taken a picture to best fit the quote she'd picked.
Brief Four was Recreate a Fairytale.  She had to pick a fairytale and either recreate a scene out of it, or portray the meaning of that fairytale within a photograph.

Then I put these in envelopes and marked 1-4 on them and did up an introduction to the challenge.  I then had her pick 1 envelope out and read it to everyone in the office.
I could not believe it when she picked envelope 1.  I was just like.. oh I'm so mean.   I had Rules/Notes included with each task and with the spider one I was tempted to put Macro, NO ZOOM, but I think that would have been too mean.
I'm so glad she liked that part of her present and accepted the challenge.  I hope she does well and I'm definitely looking forward to the pictures!

Now onto my pictures:

So what do you think?


  1. I reckon these are pretty inspiring!

  2. Aww these are gorgeous. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time over the holidays x


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