Thursday, December 15, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (31) Being forgetful... and Dreamworld Photos

So if you haven't noticed I totally blanked out on Monday and there was no Daily Dose Monday.  I seriously don't know what happened there.  But I figured, well, I won't forget next week LOL.  Lately I've been crashing out early.  Cruz has been needing me to lie down with him to get him to sleep at night and I'm pretty sure it's a ploy to get ME asleep so he can get up to whatever he wants!  I'm sure that's it.  

Tuesday was a late one for work.  I didn't knock off until 7, and by the time I picked the little one up from Mum and Dads it was nearing on 7:30pm so no assignment stuff got done :(  I'm doing alright with it though.  Fingers crossed I can get the modules I got left over done before I get back to work.  That way I'll have finished and I can start enrolling in some writers workshops and not feel guilty that other stuff is being neglected (Assignments lol)

Dreamworld was a blast!  It bucketed down when the monster and I were on the log ride.  Yes, there really is a log ride lol.  See pic below lol
Cruz got a bit scared when the water come up on both sides to splash us ... and yeah he tried to bail it but he was stuck in a Mum bear hug so he didn't go anywhere.  Then we done a mad dash back to the lockers and ended up beyond soaked!
We had also taken him on the River Rapids.  He was okay on this one.. mostly!  I think he is a little bit too young yet for Dreamworld but because it was a social club do.

Above are just some of the pictures I took on the Olympus Pen


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