Saturday, December 3, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (29) Newest member of the family

Those of you that know me, will also know that yesterday I thought I may have found my missing cat Mojo at the RSPCA shelter at Fairfield.  I went all the way down there, and the lady that served me made a mistake thinking that they'd actually found her when in fact she was looking at her lost file I lodged when my cat went missing.  There was a moment of excitement there before she had to inform me that she'd made a mistake.  I almost cried when she'd said that, but at the same time I felt sorry for her making that mistake.  She must have felt horrible.
Anyways, today I was a bit down, bummed out that I didn't end up with my feline back at home.  I managed to talk my other half into letting me get a new kitten.  So, off I went back down to Fairfield, and after a fair amount of thinking, I brought home a new kitten.
I forgot how hard it was to name them.
My little one Cruzito who is almost 3 adores her.  Maybe a little too much.  I'm somehow worried he may smother her with love so I'm constantly watching his interaction with her.  This is after all, his first kitten.
So now I'd like to introduce my newest member:
She's a beautiful two month old kitten.

On other news, some of you may be wondering what is going on with Once Upon a Time?  I had planned on the end of this year to do the next one but it looks like I'll be planning for January.  I have been organising the nitty gritty fun bits but I'm also looking for someone to design a new Feature button for this next one.  If you know someone willing to do this, point me in their direction.  I don't mind paying.  Keep an eye out in the next month or so for more details surfacing.

On that note, I shall love you and leave you all.  I need to do some writing and reading.

Signing out.

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