Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (26) Time, or lack of it and Venting

Tonight has been tough.
My little boy was quite sick.  To the point of having to strip the bandages and put him in the shower.  For anyone that doesn't know.  My son has quite bad eczema and as of late we've had to resort to Tubifast bandaging to try and get control of his skin.  No easy feat when the patient is an almost three year old.

So yeah, as I was saying.  Sick.  I was even at the point of writing off my night of writing for NaNoWriMo as I was prepared to sit with him until he fell asleep.  Poor thing.  High temp, itchy.  Miserable.  Hope he get's better soon.

I honestly need to vent too.  I've been very on edge since starting NaNo.  Partly because I'm still reviewing books for authors.  Some coming up to due, others, well.  Let's just say a few Authors are putting the pressure on me to get their books read and reviewed.  I will say one thing about this.  I understand that they would like to see what I think of a book, but must consider that they are not the only ones who I've got to do reviews for.  Sorry, maybe that sounds bitchy.  So be it.  I'm tired.  I also have assignments coming up due for my work. This is all done in my own time mind you.  In between all of that, i've got to read and write.  See I'm a multitasker Mum.  Don't doubt my skills LOL.  Plus, raising a little one, and keeping on top of house work. Change that Multitasking status to freaking superwoman.  Ok I'll settle for miracle worker too.  Not fussy.
So keeping all that in mind.  I think I've been doing well only snapping at a few people this past week.  If you're in the firing line and I got cranky at you.  Sorry, but I'm sure you had it coming.  But understand this, it could be worse.. you could end up in my story and be that character that gets beheaded.  See bright side.. your not fictionally dead ... yet.

On that note of rambling I shall probably get started on tonights word count of Cherry.  And yep, that's about as far as I got for a title on this story.  The characters name.  Sad isn't it.  Oh well. 

Oh before I forget.  Check out the link below.  Tools that may help out your NaNoWriMo.

Have a good night all.

P.S .. Thanks.  I'm feeling much better now that I've vented.  Please bear in mind that I'm not usually this bitchy.  

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