Friday, October 21, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (24) New Flashy Camera!

So I didn't blog on either website last night.  At all!  I've just bought a flashy Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1!! As seen below. 
This was spurred from coming across the Pen Ready Project on my Instagram app a few days ago.  I was determined to get one and finally talked my other half into it.
So here are some pictures i've taken.  Bear in mind I'm learning so these probably look terrible lol

Playing with the Art filters.. this is my er... backyard lol 

An indoor plant I've managed to keep alive... so far. 

Another indoor plant.. and yes.. this one is still alive too 

Cruzito, who decides he wants to help himself to the yoghurt.  Cheeky monkey!

So yep, that's what I've been doing.  I hope to get some reading and writing done this weekend, but again, this doesn't look as promising as taking the new camera out for a few good snapshots.

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