Saturday, September 10, 2011

Random Writing: Strings and Memories

I wrote this with one person in mind.  You know who you are.  Sometimes I dream of  you.  On occasion I even see you, but deep down I know there is a wanting that I can't erase.  No matter how hard I try it comes back to you.  So in return I want you to feel the same.  Of not being able to get me out of your head, regardless of how hard you try.  Of wanting something you're not sure you can have.  That is all.

Hope you all can relate to this somehow.

This string is wrapped around my heart,
You have the other end.
Not sure how this whole story began,
but here we are again.

I thought I was losing you, the way you moved away from me.
And I felt the sharp tug of that string cut a little deeper
Right from the start I had a good idea how this would end,
when my heart tears in two, there isn't any other option really.

Sure, you'll get your string back but it's gonna hurt like hell.
Maybe it's what I deserve for playing your foolish game.
Because it's YOUR game,
Only you know the rules, so I'm bound to lose.

Silly me for thinking I had a chance of winning.
When guessing the rules aren't the same as knowing them.
And you keep changing those rules, even though the prize stays the same.

But I guess I've long forgotten what I was playing for.
Sticking with that familiar cat and mouse game.
Loving the chase, and almost getting you.
Time and again.

I suppose,
In the end I'm playing for space... not just for you.
A memory of me in that space, one that you can't forget.
No matter how hard you try.
Because memories are sometimes better than what really happens.

Over time your mind erases the faults and all that is left is the dream of a memory.
That perfect moment the way you decide to remember it.
A fabrication of the truth.
It doesn't make it any less meaningful.

At the end of the day I'll settle for some space if that's all I can get.
And in return I'll give you some good memories you can hold onto, instead of me.
Strings and Memories © Melissa ‘Charlie’ Freeman 2011

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