Monday, September 12, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (18) Saturday at Brisbane Writer's Festival!

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in details of Saturday, I'm STILL sick!  Yes, I brought my sickness to the Festival not once but twice.  And while (Yes I started that sentence with an And LOL I just realised) I frown upon sharing the love via sickness, to put it mildly, there was no way in HELL I was missing out on that second workshop!
I'm lucky I did.
I got to meet up with Brett (Demons Read Too) and Brittany (Nice Girls Read Books)again.  This time it was to do with Maggie Stiefvater's writers workshop Getting To the End in YA.  I also ran into Tammie who was in the Wednesday workshop with Belinda Jeffrey so it was awesome to go "Hey, I know that person in there" even though sadly I did forget her name to begin with.  Sorry Tammie.  
I shall be brutally honest about the workshop though.  I was slightly disappointed with it, and I know she did say she was an unorganized person it just would have been nice if there were hand outs to go with the workshop.  I've got a shocking memory and when it comes to learning I've found that when I have stuff to take away with me on what we have sort of gone over, it tends to stick better in my mind! But anyways pretty cool to meet the famous author of the Mercy Falls Trilogy.
And on the plus side, I quite possibly/most certainly have a critique partner!! How awesome is that!  Makes me feel that little bit more writerish.  Yeah check that, I just made that word up lol AND I started this paragraph with an And.  Maybe I have a bit to go in the whole writing department Lol.

Since there was a glitch with the writers workshop and it finished at 12 not 2pm like it said on the website I was able to buy a ticket to go see Marianne de Pierres and Trent Jamieson with Brett and Brittany!  It was absolutely brilliant.  I hadn't come across any of Trent's books previously but as soon as I had heard some of his answers I thought, 'I wonder if his books have as much 'character' as he does'.  He definitely sold his writing without meaning to for me.  I was also absolutely lucky enough to meet Marianne de Pierres in person finally!  I went out and bought Burn Bright just to get a signature. I've already got a copy but that doesn't matter!! lol.  What made things even more awesome was she remembered talking to me as I had her on my First blogoversary at Spellbound By Books so yes, a little giddy at being remembered LOL.

After the signing I said farewell to Brittany and Brett and moved on to Don't Make Me Be Funny featuring Corinne Grant, Wendy Harmer, and forgive me for forgetting the last person, possibly Marieke?  Sorry!  By this point, my head was pounding, my ears were ringing and I had a killer sore throat. My headache had slowly been working its way to a migraine from towards the end of the workshop so I was doing my best to be pleasant while the monkey with the cymbals clanged away in my head.  Worst thing to do in this sort of circumstance is laugh but how could I not when I went to the last seminar/event with comedians/comediennes. (excuse the spelling, my headache is STILL here) I couldn't help myself, I bought Nagging for Beginners for a gift for my Mum for a laugh but instead found myself reading.

I found out something I didn't know I was. *GASP*  A nagger!  Yes, there is a section in the back where it has nags by age group and 0-5 years, that little rant fit me perfectly.  It goes along the lines of "Your toys go in your toy box Cruz. No not on the floor in the toybox.  Hey, I'm talking to you.  Don't ignore me, those ears aren't painted on sweetheart.  Pick up those toys or I will throw them in the bin." Okay you get the hint.  Well I think I may have been slightly horrified lol.  It IS built into the female gene LOL, because I flicked back through the pages and sure enough, there's more lines I've used.  I wish I could say sorry Michael A.K.A Other person I live with lol  for nagging you, but if you would just listen to me on occasion instead of me having to tell you ten times to get stuff done...  *deep breath* oh dear... there I go again. lol.

Well, I better stop here.  My head is telling me that it's had enough aches for one night and to start fresh in the morning.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to check out all the cool people listed above!!

Until Next Time

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