Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update: Way behind! Thanks Research

Yes!  I'm still trying to get my word count up.  At this rate I'll be having to write 4000 words a day to keep up if I don't get my daily word count up!
I think part of my problem with the delay is I get caught up in the little details.  Names, days, sequence of things... for some reason I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the small things in my writing.  Characters names are a big thing for me and I know I can't keep writing until I have found the perfect name for said character.  I could be there for hours online searching through unusual baby names etc.  It holds me up.  I wonder whether it's my subconscious saying, I don't wanna write today, or It's easier to research than write because let's face it, WRITING IS HARD.  Writing WELL is even harder and you are guaranteed at least two revisions/rewrites before things start to look good.

Part of my research revolves around the creatures in Possibly Violet (working title of the moment.. could change though).  I wasn't going to have anything too out there for this but things turned out more supernatural than I expected.
Here's a few pics of the animal:
Pic from Lone Wolf53 at Deviantart
The above pic comes close to how I pictured one of the animals in my Violet story.  Even the hell hound from Call of Duty would be quite fitting for how I picture my hell hounds.
Pic of Call of Duty Hellhound
So yeah,  I spent alot of time reading up on Hell hounds and all sorts and then finally decided that the traditional hell hound didn't have the background I was looking for, I kind of tweaked it a little.  

So my question for you is, do you ever get too caught up on the research when you should be writing??

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  1. I try to just write and go back to research. It's so hard to find a balance though. x


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