Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (12) Not much Action ..

So I've noticed that I haven't done any posts since Monday and I was shocked that I hadn't picked up on it! NaNoWriMo is pretty much starting out terribly.  I've written about 1000 words when right now it should be around 11000 so I'm thinking I'm a bit of a failure at this Camp NaNo.  It's not for the lack of ideas even though I'm a bit stuck on direction I still can get words out, it's just that so much is happening with Spellbound By Books and life in general that my writing is suffering.  I'm even feeling it too.   

The last few days I've been sick too with Bronchitis while the little one has Tonsilitis.  Lovely mix isn't it.  We managed to make it to the Lauren Kate Signing on Saturday and while it was an absolutely fantastic outing, that night was a rough one with Cruz.

I also received some tickets in the mail! Check these out.  I've got TWO writer's workshops!  AND Maggie Stiefvater is running one of them.  *HAPPY DANCE* Okay.  Okay.  I've calmed down. lol.  But seriously it's going to be an awesome week.  On Saturday not only am I going to meet Maggie but I'll also be doing the workshop with Brittany (Nice Girls Read Too) and Brett (Demons Read Too).  Then I'll be seeing Corinne Grant and some other really cool people in Please Don't Make Me Be Funny which should be a blast.

Anyways that it is all from me for now.  I'll try to do a few writing posts with you guys this week to share some more of my writing and not be so slack.  Stay Tuned for Daily Dose Monday tomorrow :)

Until Then.

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