Sunday, July 10, 2011

Writing Workshop: A Moment Gone By

I've been reading some really great entries from Susan K Mann who has been participating in the Sleep is For the Weak's Writing Workshop and thought it's about time I start getting some creative writing happening.  I can't say this stuff of mine will be brilliant or anything but I'm willing to give it a good crack.

A Moment Gone By 

The whisper of his lips against my ear.
Silent promises made walking by 
The brush of his hand against mine
The twinkle of mischief in his eyes
A smile so sweet and devilish at the same time.

Saving a spot at lunch just for me.
A flower so red, so lush waiting in the empty spot
His arm wrapped around my shoulders pulling me in.
Breathing me in, sending thrills and chills up my spine.
A hidden agenda behind that sparkling smile.

Walking me to my lift home.
Pushing me against the car and leaning in.
Ever so soft lips brushing mine, the slight stubble tickling my chin.
Roaming hands creeping up and down my back.
A sigh, I think I know where this is going.

Your place or mine? Yours
Wanna beer? No. Of course, your driving.
Come here.  What for?  Just because.
Dance with me.  Your crazy.  Only for you.

One Crush, One night, One moment forever burned in my memory.

So hopefully that is okay.  Part fiction part real, lol.  I'm hoping this is okay.  To see the prompts head on over to Sleep is For the Weak.  Here is the link to this particular prompt  

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  1. Aww I love this. These are those memories that make you feel alive and are always in the back of your mind. The ones you fantasise about, but don't quite work out long term. Excellent contribution. x


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