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Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Oh Dear.. and Violet

So it's the Day 6 of Camp NaNoWriMo and I'm failing miserably.  Where my word count should be at around the 9000 mark I'm sitting just over 1000.  I think I've tried to commit to doing something while doing a million other things and I guess my writing is struggling.  I did pick to go on with Violet's story though.  I haven't included the writing that I've done before Nano but have followed on.  Excuse any mistakes you may notice as I just did a quick skim through before throwing it up here.  There is more but I thought I would just post this for now.

Violet's Story so far...

Instead of going to Art like I originally plan, I veer off to the left around the back of the science building and out the gate.  I am shaken by the intensity of his stare.  His name is still on the tip of my tongue but every time I get close it eludes me.  I duck up the side street and cut through the sports ovals once more and head towards my other home, the library.
I step in quietly and with one quick glance confirm the lack of people in here: perfect.  The far corner of the library is covered with soft cushions and bean bags so I head in that direction and sit down.  Two of the shelves hide majority of where I sit.  I pull out the latest notebook I’m carrying and flick through.  The vision with Mark and Kendra spills over from notebook #651 to this but it is the only one I’ve had in two weeks.
Evanescence’s Everybody’s Fool breaks the silence and I shuffle my stuff around in my bag looking for my phone, almost dropping it as I try to answer.  It’s Ellie.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Everything okay?  I seen you leaving school.  Umm, and I thought I would give you the heads up that your name’s been mentioned a few times at lunch. “
Though I’m not real surprised, with the whole class change again, I can’t help but wonder who would care enough to bring it up.  As things go I didn’t have to wonder long.
“Okay so if you’re not going to be really chatty like usual I’ll tell you anyway.  Blaise.  That super cute, super tall guy in your year.  Oh yeah and Rhiannon and Amaya are at it again with their bitchiness, and you’re in the firing line.  Oh crap I gotta go.”  And she hangs up, leaving me hanging.  I get up, dump  the book I was reading on the desk and head home, hoping that Mum and Dad are still at work.
“Violet, do me a favour honey and duck down to the shops for some milk please?”  Mum yells out to me.  I walk into the kitchen, grab the $20 note she’s holding out and grab my jacket.  I pass Ellie and Jake on my way out and sigh at the overall cuteness of the pair.  I’m amazed at how good of taste in boyfriends my little sister has.  Jake is a gem, pure and simple.  No ulterior motive or anything either as far as I’ve seen.  Thanks to Ellie nagging and nagging me to go read him.  I felt so sick afterwards doing it that I’d made Ellie buy me a tub of icecream just to make up for it.  Which in turn I couldn’t eat since I was so nauseous.  See the thing is, I’ve never been comfortable with this little gift slash curse thing I have.  I’ve never deliberately done anything like that before Ellie had asked me, and I sure haven’t done it since.  Not that I haven’t been curious.
I grab my ipod and slip the buds into my ears.  My street is quiet at four in the afternoon and I enjoy the lonely walk up to the corner shops with Pink blaring in my ears.  As I reach the door I feel that familiar prickle on my neck again.  I turn the ipod down to almost silent and strain to hear over Pink’s soft chorus.  I reach for the door and take a quick glance noticing Blaise on the opposite corner waiting for the light to change so he can cross.
My heart starts to slam in my chest and I pull the door open and propel myself inside before he can see me.  I’m not entirely convinced he hasn’t already.  I grab some milk, toss the twenty at the cashier and tap impatiently for the change.  Todd has been working here for a year now and knows the drill.  He places the money in a neat pile in front of me, moving his hands away so I can pick it up.  It’s almost an unwritten rule between us.   He smiles, and wipes his dirty blonde hair out of his eyes  and winks at me.  It’s harmless his flirting.  I smile not wanting to seem like a bad sport and wish him a good day.
I’m almost out the door when Todd yells out to me asking me what I’m doing for Schoolies.  I shrug, turn back and brush past someone on my way out.  As the door shuts I’m sucking in my first lungful of air fighting the claustrophobic tightening in my chest.  My vision fills with images that flash by so fast that I’m too dizzy to take it in, and before I know it I’m going headfirst into the pathway and everything goes black.
I come to about a minute later to someone calling my name and holding my face with bare hands.  I’m almost overwhelmed by the rush of concerned feelings pouring into me that I don't realise the images that are flying past are all of me.  The overwhelming taste of what could only come close to musk sticks coats my tongue and I’m reminded that these images are of the future not the past.  The images are coming faster now and they flicker in and out of a vision of the future that I can’t quite grasp onto but leaving me speechless all the same.  This vision is worse than others though.  My sight has gone and I can’t talk.  I can’t tell the person who has a hold of me that they are causing it.  That they need to let me go.  The edges of my vision darken and I catch one image.  Something so horrendous it sears itself into my memory before I pass out again.
I have the distant feeling of being carried but I’m so far under I can’t be sure if I’m dreaming or if it is real.
Violet © Melissa 'Charlie' Freeman 2011

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