Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to My Alter Ego Charlie

Hi everyone,

I'm Charlie, the Alter ego/Muse (whatever you wanna call me) of Spellbound By Books Melissa!  I created this blog to keep separate my writing and views from the other blog Spellbound By Books.  All posts will be from me.. (Charlie) so don't get confused.. we are one in the same.  Well.. mostly ;)

There had to be a compromise.  Pen name or own name... so went right into the middle and created another me altogether.

Confused much?  Yeah me too.  It worked out so much better in my head!

So I guess you will now be wondering what I will be posting on here huh? Well, once I get into the swing of things I will hopefully be doing a daily post called Charlie's Ramblings to share odd thoughts, quotes, movies, music, ideas, anything really with you.

I also plan on jumping on the Daily Dose Monday bandwagon since that meme is so inspiring and awesome, as well as my own writing, personal stuff, and whatever else I feel like at the time.

NaNoWriMo stuff/Writing Stuff that was posted on Spellbound By Books will now be on here!!

Oh yeah, before I forget... in the next few weeks you will get to meet a character I'm in the process of bringing to life... Violet.

So for now I shall leave you all wondering what the hell all that was about...

Until next time :)

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