Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Writing: Hope

I wrote this out of the blue one day.  I'm not even sure where I was when I wrote it, but I was off in lala land imagining a girl waiting for the love of her life to man up and show everyone he didn't care what they thought.  So yeah.. random huh? lol  Haven't been able to use it in anything yet but just thought I'd share with you.
I wait for you.  Hope against hope that you'd build up the courage to come and see me.  To ignore the glares and whispers from the people around me when they'd see us talking.  To finally see that smile I've missed so much this past month.
And I see you coming.  I start to smile, fix my hair and sit up straigher.  Anything to keep my hands busy until you reach the door.  That little bit of hope starts to grow, and I think back to the last time we spoke.  That little twinkle in your eyes; that mischievous look you get when you're thinking naughty thoughts.
But my heart sinks as I watch you walk past with your head down.  Not even sparing a glance my way.  That growing spark sputters out and disintegrates into nothing more than dust, and I'm back to where I started.  Miserable. 
I pray I don't get my hopes up again.  It hurts too much.  For now I'll try not to give these thoughts of you the time of day.  I'll just push them to the back of my mind for now.  Maybe you were just busy or had too much going on.  Or maybe you were planning to visit me tomorrow.
I can only hope...
Hope ©Melissa Freeman 2011

So that is my first bit of writing for you. Hopefully it's not too depressing. lol.

Thanks and goodnight.

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