Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introducing Violet.

I'm a girl of few words.  It's not a choice, believe me.  On the inside I'm a chatterbox begging to be heard, but on the outside just one touch and I'm mute!  Well, at least until I can write down what I see.  You might think I'm a freak, I am, and my clothes make me stand out but at least everyone gives me a wide berth.  No chummy girlfriends wanting to touch me, no boyfriend, no complications.  To date I've managed to fill up 651 notebooks since I learned to write, avoided three shrinks my mother tried to schedule me to see, and have pretty much got the problem down pat.  Except for Christmas, my birthday and family functions I've managed to live a pretty normal life.

My name is Violet, and I've got a hands off policy.  Unless you want me to see what you've done, doing and about to do, don't touch me.

Violet © Melissa Freeman 2011


  1. Violet definitely sounds bad ass. Brutally honest, to the point, but not cruel by any means. I like her. I'd definitely want to hang/be friends with her. And I'm looking forward to reading more of her.

    P.S. I Love Books

    I can't seem to sign in to comment - so I don't know why it says I'm anonymous =(


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