Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (7) Late nights and inspiration

It has been a couple of days since I posted hasn't it?  
Well that has definitely been unintentional to say the least!  I've been sick over the weekend, finally got my assignment submitted on Sunday and some pressing review books needed to be read ASAP.  Yesterday would probably have been sooner for them .. *sigh* I love it though, there's no denying it!  Funny thing about the assignment.  I was pushing to get it done by Monday, slightly stressing that the due date was then only to find out Tuesday that I was six days early!  I know I wanted to get ahead eventually but WTF?!  I guess I just have to put it down to not wearing my glasses when I should lol!

As the title says, I've been pulling some late ones this week.  Cruz hasn't been sleeping too well, and that little writing bug has hit me again.  I'm quite surprised.. (about the writing bug not Cruz since he's been jumping into our bed in the early hrs of the morning more frequently lol) I was getting a bit worried there.

It's been a little while since I've had a 'project' to be working on since NaNoWriMo last year.  And yes, it involves Violet.  See, I had how she looked down pat but her personality was a hard one.  Here and there I'd get tid bits and images that would remind me of her and link in somehow to her story but I couldn't pick where or how, I just knew that it was important.  Well I'm happy to say that as of right now, I have not one but TWO characters now I have to sort out, as well as a storyline with many.. and I mean many plot holes.  A few sub plots are already formed and I'm quite happy with how things are going so far.  I can say that it will have paranormalish elements throughout, just not sure the details specifically.  I love having an idea then running with it though.  At least I feel like I can step outside the box!
I'm hoping to have a couple of real pictures of maybe celebs or what not that match my little picture in my head of Violet and 'Character 2' as he is yet to be named.  So feel free to give suggestions.

So fingers crossed I will have some writing up in the next post... I know I know I keep saying that, but it's kind of hard to put something quite raw up on the blog without knowing whether I'm going to stick with it or not.  We shall see.  But yes ;) I  have started !

P.S.. Image: Violet © Melissa Freeman 2011

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