Friday, June 17, 2011

Charlie's Ramblings (6) Possibly scammed? And other randomness

Yes you read right.  I may have made a BIG mistake!  Well, let's change that to WE since it took two of us to make the decision.  My other half organized with an investor to come meet us at our place last night.  Last Night!  State Of Origin, Game 2 night!  And I only find out just after I've gone to get dinner and walked in the door.  He tells me, 'Oh yeah, forgot to tell you I got some guy coming to talk about Investment homes in like.... 15 minutes.'  Meanwhile, the house is a mess, the little one is running riot and we haven't even had dinner yet.

So long story short, we get roped into signing paperwork that we can 'pull out of any time providing it's within the 10 days cooling off period' before they lug the credit card with almost a 1000 bucks for a one off joining fee and some guy from a bank will be coming to visit on Monday.  They don't like to stuff about do they?  Well, after having a night to think about it, NO!  I'm not interested, no matter how good it is.  And by the time he had left, we'd missed half the game.  How is this for a hint, the other half grabs the remote and flicks it over to nine as he's talking lol.  I think that was a hint which the fella didn't get. 

 Suffice to say, the bloody Blues won!  Which, like I said to my Dad,  you can't have the Maroons winning the second game otherwise the third one will be boring.  I like the last game to be 'edge of your seat' action like... are we gonna win or lose this game lol.  Sometimes I think I read too much.  

Song for the Moment:

Have a listen to the lyrics.. It's pretty awesome!

And since I'm in the sharing mood, here's a movie that looks both awesome and kinda freaky.  Super 8.  What are your thoughts on this one. At one point it kind of has that E.T feel with the bike and all and then bam!  lol

Well that's it for me for the time being.  Been pulling some late ones these last few nights just to get assignments and some reading done.  I haven't been doing too much writing either, but I've been brainstorming a bit though.  I guess the late nights will start to catch up with me soon.. 

Until next time..

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