Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And so it begins..

I've begun writing about Violet and wanted to share some of what I've done with you.  Please bear in mind that this is quite raw and could change and be swapped around.  Please tell me what you think.
Another day in hell, A.K.A school.  It's overcast and I have to walk.  Some days are just better off being skipped.  I pull on some jeans and my long sleeve skulls shirt.  I flick my fringe out of my eyes long enough to line them in black and let it fall back into place.  From my bedroom window I can see Kendra and Mark next door holding hands and groping each other.  Blegh.  Get a room!  I bet Kendra doesn't know that in a few years Mark will ditch her for a beautiful blonde who turns out to be a prostitute.  Or that when he tells her it's his first time too, he is lying through his teeth since Deanna will be the first  three weeks before Kendra, at Tara's seventeenth party while her parents are down the coast.
I wouldn't even know any of this if Mark hadn't unknowingly pushed past me on the way to lunch two weeks ago.  His hand had grazed my arm and I was thrown into his future.  I had reefed the notebook out of my bag, #651 and filled up the last pages.  My chest slowly relaxing with every word that's written until I can manage to let out a whisper of relief.  That's why I had taken to wearing long sleeve shirts.  The less skin showing the better.
Today would be interesting.  Yet another new maths class.  Second change so far this year.  Mrs Jamerson my previous Maths teacher kind of had a big problem with me.  She even went as far as calling me anti-social in front of the class because I wouldn't answer any questions.  Little did she know that exactly two minutes before hand she had handed out test results and the tip of her finger had touched mine.  No matter how many times I'd tried to answer it was like my voicebox had been stuck in a void.  I could make the motions but that was it.  The whole class had been in fits of laughter, including Mrs Jamerson with that smug little look on her face.  That was until I picked up my books and as I walked past, I slipped a note on her desk and ducked out.  Appointment with Mr Gray in Science storeroom at 4pm today.
That little note went down like a lead balloon and I was kicked out of her class for.. get this 'disrupting the class'!  Whatever.
I make my way across the sports ovals behind the school.  It's 7:30am.  An hour early.  I throw my bag over the fence, hitch my leg over the top and am over and heading towards the smokers bay where I can be left alone until class.
It's Friday the 13th, and while that's nothing big for anyone else, the whole timing of this and the fact that my 'touch' has been playing up is too much of a coincidence.  Lately I only have to be in close proximity of someone and I'm thrown into a vision.  It's horrible.  I can't help but get the feeling something big is going to happen.  I dread to think what is in store for me!
I pull out notebook #652 and doodle in the front pages.  Hearts and crosses, stars etc.  It's strange now that I think of it.  The last four notebooks have got similar patterns, only they seem to relate to what is in those notebooks.  Weird.
When I look up again I notice that half of my new Maths class is already inside and I worry that I have zoned out.  It happens sometimes.  I grab my messenger bag and go in to look for an unoccupied seat.  Since half the school year is gone majority of the good seats are taken leaving one up the front, which is a no-no and one closest to the door.  I slip into that and dump my bag on the floor.
As luck would have it we have a substitute teacher who is more interested in her own problems then teaching us.  Which is fine by me.  Another student whose face I kind of recognize hands out some textbooks to the front of the class and I'm careful to pass back one without making eye contact or touching the person behind me.  Algebra, go figure.
The time ticks by and my neck prickles.  I sit up straight in my seat and tense my shoulders.  I know that feeling well.  I want to look behind me and find the person staring at me, to force them to look away like most people do.  But I can't.  And the longer I sit still like this, the more uncomfortable I feel, until I can't take it any more and look around to find no one there.  The bell rings a moment later and I have my bag and books stuffed away before anyone else has registered its time to go.  I glance back once more as I head towards my next class.  He's watching me leave.  He's a few heads above the other students so he stands out in the crowd.  Messy dark hair, piercing gaze, slightly unshaven face.  Yes, I've seen him plenty of times before so he's not new.  I can't place the name but I know the icy feel of his eyes on me, even now.  I turn back just in time to avoid hitting the pole I was destined to meet and slip around the corner in the direction of Art.
I know one thing for sure.  His interest in me can't be good.  Mark that one up on the list of things and people to avoid.
Violet © Melissa Freeman 2011

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  1. Keep it up! Very nice flow and grasp! I would love to read more of your writing!:)


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